Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Turkey Sandwiches

By special request I am sharing the secret to a truly good turkey sandwich.

  • Left over turkey or turkey from the Deli-( it must be turkey slices from a turkey breast, not the thin slices)

  • Cheap white bread- optimum word being cheap here.

  • Can of cranberry sauce

  • Mayo

  • Potato chips

  • Salad of choice to accompany

    Reaching into the bag of bread for the center slices of very soft white bread remove the number of pieces needed for the amount of sandwiches you are making.

    Generoulsy spread each slice with mayo, lay your turkey slices to cover the bread, salt and pepper, add thin slices of cranberry sauce and eat. For the deluxe model sandwich add pototo chips to the sandwich for crunch.

    This is a fun lunch or dinner any time of year.


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